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2017-11-25 23:02:21
Why Your Logan Home Is Not Selling - How To Get Your Home Sold Now

Are you trying to sell your Logan home and getting no bites? Join the club! - Okay all kidding aside, selling a home in a declining market overloaded with inventory is tough. Seriously, you have a lot of competition with very few buyers out there. Selling a home today is no longer about luck. You can't just put a sign in your yard and wait for the offers to roll in. Nope, not gonna happen! So how can you get your home sold now? Do whatever is necessary.


Why Your Logan Utah Home Is Not Selling

1.)Your home is in poor condition.

I mean this in the nicest possible way. I do not want to offend anyone but I am here to speak the truth and nothing but. As a home owner you have a responsibility to maintain your property. Those that don't keep up with routine maintenance will face the consequences when it comes time to sell. Just look at your competition.

Pretend your a buyer for just a moment. Imagine yourself browsing homes and you came across your home after seeing 30 prior in the same price range. Is your home the very best one? Does it have updated appliances, a new roof, new furnace, new water heater, and an immaculately clean inside and outside? Still think your home is the best? If you do then you must have another problem.

photography_2002.)Bad photography is killing your chances.

More than 90% of buyers today search for homes online. They want to see your home clearly and they want to see plenty of photographs. The photographs for your home are EXTREMELY important. Buyers want to see your home, not the clutter.

They want to see your home without the garbage can in the front. They want to see your bathrooms without you in the mirror and the toilet seat lid up. These minor details make a big difference. 

When we put a home on the market we hire a professional photographer every time. Sure we could take pictures, but my job is not as a photographer. My job is a Realtor.

It's funny how Realtors say you need their help because they are professionals, yet they take their own photos which are horrible most of the time. Shouldn't we practice what we preach? I hire a professional photographer because that's his job and he does it well, does your agent? 

3.) You haven't exhausted all avenues of marketing.

arrows_267Today's Logan real estate market is extremely competitive. Buyers are few and far between so you need to try and market to all of them everywhere.

There are online shoppers, there are those who look at newspaper ad's, there are those who look at the real estate book, there are those who drive around neighborhoods, there are those who hear from word of mouth about a special listing, and there are those who attend open houses. 

  • We market every month in The Real Estate Book online and offline.
  • We market every month in The Herald Journal. 
  • We have eye catching signs with a white background and a bright red label.
  • We have a of potential buyers we cultivate online and offline, thousands of them.
  • We do open houses, not many agents do them anymore, and it's a shame.

There is a reason why full service brokerages out perform fee based agencies who only put your home on the MLS. A full service brokerage will cost more, yes, but this isn't about cost now. Your home is not selling and you need to move now. You need to market your home in every possible avenue to attract as many buyers as possible. There is not a single aspect of marketing that sells a home, it's everything put together that gets a home sold. 

The expertise of a true professional Realtor can overcome the toughest of marketing challenges. Why are you reading this blog right now? I bet you found us online, because we are everywhere. Just Google us, check out our blogs, our numerous websites, and our solid expertise offered in our online publications. We are serious about this real estate stuff. Is your Realtor? 

4.) You hired the wrong listing agent.

some_agents_suck_327Let's face it. There is a reason why 90% of the business in real estate is done by only 10% of the agents. It's the 90/10 rule.

Those agents that do the most business usually have better marketing. They also know a lot of people because they've built up an extensive over the years they've been in the business.

They have the expertise and knowledge it takes to get a difficult listing to sell. There are some great listing agents here in Logan but there are also some not so great ones. Maybe it's time to ditch your buddies Realtor and work with a team of agents dedicated to selling your home.

I'm not talking about just us. We know who the best agents are in town and would be honored to refer you to them. If you don't like our style, maybe we can find an agent you do like. Never base your choice of agents on the suggested price of your home. Your home will only sell for what the market will bare. Any agent can tell you a high price to get you to list with them.

These agents usually call you three weeks later when your getting no showings and try to get you to reduce your price. This is a tactic we like to call buying a listing. There are some Realtors who will tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear. They will buy your listing by telling you everything will be fine and they can sell it at an unreasonable price. It's not going to happen. Price is everything.

5.) You're overpriced.

over_priced_listing_267More buyers will see your home in the firs three weeks of being listed than any other time.

These buyers are in the market right now looking for a home like yours. If you over price your home from the start, you're missing out on the best time to sell.

Your first offer is most likely going to be your best offer and if you price it right from the start, you're going to receive multiple offers. Don't believe me?

In March 2011 we had 3 homes go on the market that received multiple offers. One of them received 4. It's not because the homes where under priced, far from it to be exact. These sellers all got over asking price because of the multiple offers

It's because the homes were clean as a whistle, marketed to as many buyers as possible, and priced at market value. This combination of great online marketing, word of mouth referrals, cultivation, and pricing got these homes sold for the best possible price in the quickest amount of time.

6.) And Now your chasing the market.

If you overprice your home from the start you not only miss out on the best buyers that come through your home in the first three weeks, you'll also be chasing the market.

Chasing the market means that you have to lower your price to get showings. Once you start lowering your price, the sharks appear.

Buyers looking to low-ball a struggling seller will start to come out of the woodwork. It's very frustrating as a seller to be in this position.

Not only is your home not selling but you have to deal with showing your home, keeping it clean, and paying a mortgage. You're wasting your time and throwing money after bad.

Is it worth it for you to your price at the beginning to avoid six months or more on the market dealing with this process? Maybe not, but think hard about it next time you decide to list your home. Pricing a home at market value from the start is our philosophy, it works and our sellers are happy. (Most of the time anyways!)

7.) Not every home will sell.

sorry_200Yes, we have homes that are sitting on the market for months. It happens. Sometimes homes just won't sell. They may be priced correctly but for some reason they aren't selling. This could be location, floor plan, size, or any number of factors.

Homes that aren't selling are usually in bad condition, have poor marketing, are over priced, or have such good competition that the buyers in that price range just found something better.

There are homes on the market going on two years. Or maybe you're home is perfect but there aren't any buyers in your price range.

If you've done everything you can to try and sell your home aside from giving it away, it's time to take it off the market or possible rent it out. Logan's rental markets are doing really well right now, so there's a good chance you can find a descent renter you can trust to take care of your home until the market comes around.  

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