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2017-11-25 22:31:28
Staging Your Logan Home Is Crucial To A Quick Sale

Staging Your Logan Home Is Crucial To A Quick SaleAlthough your home may have a beautiful front porch, a large master bedroom and a gourmet kitchen, chances are you may be losing out on potential buyers because your home is not properly staged. In short, a staged home shows well, creates more interest and excites the buyer. Here’s how to stage your way to home selling success:

Remove any excess furniture – Too much furniture in any space, regardless of the size, will make it appear small and cramped. And, the last thing you want to do is give buyers the feeling that there is not enough room in your home. Therefore, now may be the time to clear out any excess furniture so your rooms appear larger and your potential buyers can more easily move about your home. Rent a storage facility, if necessary, or considering selling or donating the extra furniture.

Create areas in which to move about – Potential buyers will want to move about your home easily and effortlessly when viewing your home, so it is important to make sure to create enough room to do so. For example, if you have a lovely view of your backyard from your family room window, but the buyer can’t get close enough to the window to appreciate it, then you are losing out on a great selling point.

Rid your home of personal effects, when possible – Your treasured family photos and knick knacks are important to you, but not to the buyer, so it is important to put away personal effects that do nothing but distract the buyer. In other words, the buyer will want to be able to imagine himself in your home, and it becomes very hard to do just that when he has to stare at the baby photos lining the wall. Use this opportunity to begin packing away your personal belongings for the move.

Brighten up your home before a showing– Another key factor when staging your home is to let as much natural light into your rooms as possible. In short, bright rooms appear larger and more inviting. If you are showing your home during the evening hours, turn on all the lights in every room so your home looks warm and inviting.

Don’t forget about smells – The smell of your home is, perhaps, almost as important as the sight of it. Don’t smoke in the home, cook anything that will leave a lingering odor, or leave a garbage can full of garbage before potential buyers pay a visit. Also consider soft room fragrances and potpourri to add inviting scents to your home.

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