Client Testimonials

"Cindy was very efficient and professional. I always heard back from her soon after I had a question and she was very helpful. Once I found a place it was like the work was over!"
"Cindy was really efficient. It was pleasurable working with her, and she was very professional. Cindy went above and beyond her duties as a Realtor. She was prepared and gave us good advice."
"Paula Baker was wonderful to work with. She followed though; communicated well (clearly) and frequently; explained every part of the process so there weren’t any surprises; and was extremely knowledgeable and did her research so we felt confident in selling our home and felt we were represented fairly. Highly efficient and extremely organized with all the attentions to details! Paula has wonderful customer service skills."
"Lisa has always been able to help us price well, and move real estate quickly, as well as find properties we may be interested in. We first met Lisa as a sellers agent for another party, and have had great experiences with her ever since."
"Working with Lisa was a great experience. From start to finish Lisa was with us at every step. Everything went according to schedule with absolutely no problems."
"Lisa met all of our expectations, going above and beyond. Putting up with our indecisiveness and touring many, many, many houses with us. She was always easy to get a hold of by phone, text, or email. We had a fun and enjoyable experience for our first time buying a home."
"Lisa went way above and beyond to help us. Her whole team was super to work with. The newspaper ads looked very professional, as did the internet. We appreciated the wide variety of advertising and especially the quick sale. Our overall real estate experience was outstanding"
"Cindy did a great job handling our transaction. She was very efficient and professional. I thought everything was good and positive."
"Lisa was very efficient. She responded quickly and made appointments in a timely manner. Lisa was great-she never pressured us, always gave helpful input and even changed our baby's diaper while we signed mortgage papers. Thanks Lisa!"
"Lisa did a great job. She was always easy to get a hold of-if I left a message she always got right back to me. She was NEVER pushy about me hurrying and making any decisions and we appreciated that! She was professional, hard working, and pleasant to deal with. She was great throughout our LONG buying process! Thanks Lisa !!!"
" We were very happy with Lisa and her great effort in making sure we were happy with our decision. Her patience with us was greatly appreciated. We enjoyed working with Lisa and her team, and would absolutely call her again."
We will never be able to thank Paula for all the work she did for us. She put up with our indecision and our hard requests. Our lives were blessed to have her as our agent!
"We just really enjoyed Lisa. She would call to let us know what was going on with our townhouse and never left us uninformed. She also would tell us any problems with houses we looked at, which we appreciated. She never acted like she wanted to sell us just anything."
"Lisa was very efficient. She took the time to understand our needs and wants yet still worked with a sense of urgency. Lisa and her team were easy to work with and did not complicate things that we've found other agents may do. We could easily see Lisa's seasoned professionalism and tenured know-how in her industry. Thank you Lisa and her team for making our home purchase an enjoyable experience."