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Providence Utah Yearly Real Estate Housing Report

Yearly Average days on market


Average Days on market in 2008 from 01/01-10/31/2008 is: 120

Average Days on market in 2009 from 01/01-10/31/2009 is: 180

Average Days on market in 2010 from 01/01-10/31/2010 is: 171

Year to date trends in the Providence real estate market are showing that homes are selling 35% faster in October than they did in January. It is good news for sellers to see 2010 average days on market declining from 2009 numbers. You should be expecting a 6-12 month “on the market” time before you could get an offer. In order to sell your home faster than average you must be the best house, in the best condition, and for the best price in today’s competitive market.

Yearly Average

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Providence Utah Quarterly Real Estate Housing Report

Quarterly Comparison Average Days on Market


Over the last two years the average days on market for Providence real estate have been pretty consistent. The first and second quarters of 2009 and 2010 are almost identical in their average days on market numbers.  The good news is the 2010 third quarter numbers are almost back to 2008 levels. Based on these numbers, it will take you about the same amount of time to sell your home anytime in the first, second, and third quarters of the year.  

Quarterly Comparison Average Sold Price


The average 2010 third quarter sold price is down about 24% from when the market peeked in the 2009 third quarter. The average sold price decreased slightly in the

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Providence Utah Monthly Real Estate Housing Report

2010 Average days on market


Average Days on Market for Providence Utah residential real estate in 2010 from 01/01-10/31/2010 is: 171

Homes in Providence Utah have higher average days on market than other areas of Cache County. This is mainly because Providence is a community of higher end homes. Sellers in this area are seeing much longer “on the market” time before their homes are selling. There are fewer buyers in the upper end price ranges, and this leads to a very high average days on market for 2010.  Homes are taking on average 124 days longer to sell in October 2010 than they did in January 2010. Average market time for a home in Providence is currently 6-12 months.  

2010 Average Sold

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